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Project Spotlight:

Treat All Metals • Glendale, Wisconsin
High efficiency radiant tube inserts save heat-treating company $37,000 in first year

Like most companies, Treat All Metals in Glendale, Wisconsin, was concerned about the rising cost of energy. As a heat-treating facility that relies heavily on natural gas for its daily operations, Treat All sought ways to improve the efficiency of its furnaces. When the
company learned of a new, easy-to-install technology that promised to reduce gas consumption by 10 percent with a one-year payback, it seized the opportunity.

The result? Treat All reduced natural gas consumption in two of its furnaces—one by 11 percent and the other by 15 percent—and saved $37,000 in the first year alone, for a one-year payback. How did they do it? With the help of a new radiant tube heater insert
called SpyroCor™ and financial incentives from Focus on Energy, Wisconsin's energy efficiency and renewable energy initiative.

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