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Focus on Energy

CleanTech Partners receives the bulk of its funding from the State of Wisconsin's Focus on Energy program, http://www.focusonenergy.com. Since Focus on Energy is funded by Wisconsin's utility companies, our efforts are most keenly aimed at advancing technologies that will impact consumption of the energy supplied by utility companies: electricity and natural gas.

Other funding sources include corporations and government contracts for projects that align with our mission. We welcome this additional funding infusion for the latitude it provides in best accommodating implementation of our technology and company partner projects.

Focus on Energy and CleanTech Partners successfully completed the Department of Energy Industrial Energy Efficiency Project with grant funding (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009) supporting nine industrial energy efficiency projects in Wisconsin. Estimated benefits of the project included a 45% process efficiency improvement, emissions reduction of 84,700 tons CO2 per year, energy savings of 1.2 trillion Btu annually (11 million therms of natural gas and 28,000 MWh of electricity), and energy expenditure savings of $9.8 million annually.

Industrial Energy Efficiency Projects Improve Competitiveness and Protect Jobs