Frequently Asked Questions

What type of funding does CTP provide?

CTP provides capital in the form of loans and equity for the commercialization or adoption of emerging energy efficiency technologies that can benefit Wisconsin. Learn more >

How much funding can you provide?

Up to $550,000 per transaction. This money is often leveraged with other sources, such as banks or private investment.

What's an "emerging energy efficiency technology"?

Broadly speaking, it is a technology that (1) has been developed, tested, and patented, (2) whose use will reduce the consumption of energy in a commercial or industrial setting, and (3) has not yet been demonstrated and/or implemented in Wisconsin.

For an equity investment, how do you make valuations?

CTP uses a variety of standard best practices to form our opinion about a venture's current valuation including Discounted Cash Flows and Comparison to Peers. Learn more >

For an equity investment, what type of returns do you expect?

We seek returns that are commensurate with the risks and liquidity of the investment, and we think through such topics with a commercial mindset.

Will I need a business plan to get an equity investment?

Yes. We can start our dialogue without one, however.

What type of interest rate and terms might I expect?

Because CTP does not wish to take business away from banks, and to conserve our modest investment fund, our loans are made at an interest rate that is equal to or slightly more than the rates on your other commercial financings. If you can get funding from your local bank, that is what you should do. As a non-profit organization, CTP is only here to fill gaps not fully managed by the private sector.

Do you provide grants?

No. We do, however, sometimes assist our investment clients with the preparation and submission of grant applications that complement our investment.

I need to finance energy efficiency improvements at my industrial facility. What can you do to help?

If you are adopting an emerging technology in your industry, we may be able to provide financing. If the technology you seek to implement has already entered the best practice realm - such as lighting, compressed air or motor drives - it can no longer be considered emerging, which places it outside the scope of our mission. For assistance in adopting best practice technologies, contact our friends at Focus on Energy. Learn more >

Do you work with start-ups or established companies?

Either. While we understand the increased risks of start-ups, we are more concerned about the team, the technology, and the market potential than the stage of the business involved.

My technology is fully developed and in the marketplace. Is there any assistance you can give me?

Perhaps. If the technology has seen very little or no implementation in Wisconsin, we may be able to help.

I'm just developing my technology and need money to do more development and testing. Can you give me a loan?

We do not generally fund R&D, and recommend private financing or application for grant funding through a program like the US Department of Energy's Small Business Innovation Research fund.

I am a technology developer from outside of Wisconsin. Can you help me?

Yes, so long as the technology can help save energy in Wisconsin.

My business is headquartered in Wisconsin, but I have an energy saving project that I want to implement in our Minnesota plant. Can you help me?

No, the technology must be put to use saving energy in Wisconsin.

Will my technology get "extra credit" if it is also good for the environment and creates jobs?

By their nature, energy efficiency technologies and projects are usually good for the environment, so that is anticipated. Job creation is also important, but not normally a determining factor.

My technology is a new way to generate electricity and sell it on the grid. Is this project eligible for your financing?

Probably not. We typically do not work on the supply side, except for certain renewable energy technologies that directly supplant purchased electricity, natural gas or liquid propane at industrial sites.

How does CTP get its funding?

CleanTech Partners receives the bulk of its funding from the State of Wisconsin's Focus on Energy program. Additional funding sources include corporations and other government contracts for projects that are consistent with CTP's mission. CTP is currently seeking additional sources of funding to promote its energy efficiency agenda.

How do you differ from Wisconsin Focus on Energy?

We work hand in hand with Focus on Energy on a variety of industrial projects, but while our emphasis is on financing emerging technologies, theirs is on grants and other incentives to help implement best practices.