There are plenty of by-the-book strategies for achieving energy efficiency, but we're driven to more; more options, more efficiency, more inspired ways for making it happen.

Charged with a Mission

As the Wisconsin Focus On Energy contractor for the Emerging Technologies Program, CleanTech Partners is charged with a specific mission. Simply stated, it is to accelerate the commercialization of emerging energy efficiency technologies in Wisconsin and create energy savings in a cost-effective manner.

We breathe life into this mission by thoroughly vetting the technology for reliability and performance, assessing its true value to the target markets, analyzing the business model and management aptitude, and reviewing its financial fitness.

We take risks where others would not. In return we uphold our mission by providing Wisconsin with real energy savings and the technology to support it.

Unconventional Methods

In key Wisconsin industries - pulp & paper, metal-casting, plastics and food processing - innovative, breakthrough technologies are being uncovered, shared and commercialized every day. Getting there requires tapping into ideas that most would push aside.

That's why our unconventional approach to energy savings works so well for Wisconsin industries. They're in search of greater efficiency. We're the conduit for technology to application and vice versa. Further, we sidestep conventional financing and provide out-of-the-box solutions for best outcomes.

Unconventional? Yes it is. But it's our driving force. It's proven, and nobody does it better.