Strategy is an idea we take seriously here.

Our due diligence methods and processes for vetting the technology opportunities before us are both thorough and purposeful, providing a solid, risk-based assessment.

We want partners whose technology, developed here or elsewhere, can be implemented for energy savings in Wisconsin. And we want industry partners that demonstrate opportunity for increased energy savings that can be deployed to benefit many.

But more than that, we are in search of partners whose systems and industry opportunities for energy savings validate our processes and encourage continued and expanding opportunities for the work we do.

Our strategies are sound and yes, somewhat unconventional, but they work because they focus on the kind of returns that demonstrate positive energy outcomes more than on returns that are measured simply in dollars and cents. Our model is successful because we offer a flexible package of assistance services - from capital investment to networking, business mentoring to market penetration - tailored to benefit industry, and service and technology providers.