Process and Due Diligence

Emerging Technology

Our due diligence process is quick, usually 4-6 weeks and works a little like this.
Following an assessment of the technology's fit with the Focus on Energy mission, we will:


Is there a viable business model?

  • How can CTP financing and services benefit your business?

Things we need from you:

  • Technology or project description
  • Performance data
  • Business model description


This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Evaluation of your Business or Project Plan
  • Review of your financial records
  • Review of other supporting legal documents
  • Definition of your financial need

Outline the investment

If an investment is warranted, we will work out the details in a term sheet that outlines the financial and legal parameters of the investment.

Get the go-ahead on the investment

Your term sheet is the basis of an investment summary that will be submitted to CTP's Investment Fund Board, an independent advisory group that approves all investments.

Close the deal

All legal documents signed and funds ready for transfer. An implementation strategy is developed, and plans for commercialization and deployment are set in motion. And finally, we assist in transitioning technologies to "Best Practices" applications for Focus on Energy.

NOTE: All investments must conform to CTP's Board approved Policies and Procedures Manual.