Program Requirements

Do you qualify?

We fund only those technologies, companies and opportunities that can have an impact on reducing Wisconsin's use of electricity, natural gas or propane.

Funds are typically not available for:

  • refinancing or reimbursement of expenditures prior to investment by CTP;
  • grant-funded research;
  • residential building projects; or
  • taxes and fines

We adhere to all federal non-discrimination policies and weigh the strength of the investment solely on the outcomes of our due diligence efforts.

Do you meet these minimum requirements?

To be considered for funding the following minimum requirements must be met:
Applicant eligibility:
The venture's equity owners must have a significant personal stake in the success or failure of the project;
Financial fitness and business viability: Applicant must demonstrate acceptable financial history, business viability and offer a reasonable prospect for return of CTP funding.
Technical feasibility: Technology must be demonstrated, proven and serve to reduce energy consumption. It must also be commercially viable.
Compliance: Applicants must comply with all applicable local, state and federal laws, regulations and codes.
Applicable in Wisconsin: The technology must demonstrate significant application opportunities for achieving energy efficiency in Wisconsin.

Still interested in applying?

It's easy. There are no lengthy forms to complete and applications are accepted throughout the year. To begin the process, contact a CTP staff member. Each application will be carefully reviewed for viability. For those that make the cut, an in-depth interview follows.
From there we work together to determine the best options for using your technology or industry application idea to reduce energy consumption in Wisconsin.

Really. That's how it starts.

Take that first step and connect with us. A great partnership opportunity awaits.