Seasoned Experts at CTP

Our full-time staff is complimented by a variety of on-call industry experts. The team takes an inter-disciplinary approach, sourcing information from the industry's most knowledgeable pros and lending value and depth to the services we provide.

Masood Akhtar, Ph.D. - President and Founder

Key Expertise: An Energy Entrepreneur with Over 25 Years of Research, Development, Commercialization, Marketing, Technology Transfer, Investment and Management Experience in the Field of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.

Masood founded CleanTech Partners (CTP) to accelerate commercialization of energy saving and renewable energy technologies by providing capital and other assistance critical for deployment. Masood was the lead to 1) acquire a first-of-its kind Memorandum Of Understanding signed between the US Department of Energy (DOE) and Wisconsin to promote greater energy efficiency throughout Wisconsin's industrial sector; 2) recruit the first nine industry CEOs who signed the DOE's Save Energy Now Leader's Pledge (now Better Building, Better Plants) to reduce energy intensity by 25% in 10 years (currently over 130 Leaders nationwide), and 3) secure $14.6 million recovery money from DOE to deploy "shovel" ready industrial energy efficiency projects and up to $130 million from DOE for the production of biofuels and bio-products projects.

Masood is also a founder and CEO of Biopulping International, Inc. that develops and commercializes energy savings and biofuels technologies. Masood has also served s as the project leader at the University of Wisconsin (UW)/USDA Forest Products Laboratory (FPL). Masood holds several patents and has published more than 50 papers in the field of energy and is a frequent speaker on energy related topics.

Masood has received many awards including: the USDA Honor Award for Environmental Protection from the USDA Secretary in Washington, D.C for developing energy saving technologies; Federal Laboratory Consortium Award; U.S. Forest Service Chief's Awards for Excellence in Technology Transfer; and Wisconsin Small Business Innovation Award for Outstanding Achievements. Masood was elected as a Fellow by the International Academy of Wood Science, UK. On request of the U.S. Congress, Masood has also testified before a committee on energy related issues.

Masood was appointed by the Governor of Wisconsin on a committee that advised the Midwest Governors on "creating jobs in the new energy economy". Masood also co-founded the Bioenergy Deployment Consortium to build private and public institutional readiness to participate in the U.S. bioeconomy. Masood was elected as the Chair of the Forest Research Advisory Committee that advises the USDA Agricultural Secretary on research, including biofuels and nanotechnology.

Masood completed his Ph.D. in Botany from AMU, Aligarh, India, and served as a post-doctoral fellow in Plant Pathology at the Ohio State University. Masood was one of the 50 Indian students who were awarded the Government of India Fellowship for Higher Studies Abroad.

Masood's responsibilities at CTP include: managing all CTP activities, including contracts; providing strategic guidance; serving as a liaison between CTP and state and federal agencies; helping leverage resources with other state, federal, and private resources; helping arrange meetings with industry leaders; and serving on the Board of Directors of CTP.

Tim R. Konicek, Ph.D. - Manager, Emerging Technologies Program

Key Expertise: Over 30 Years of Key Experience Including Energy Efficiency Finance, Technology and Business Due Diligence, Product Development and Commercialization, Strategic Marketing, Strategic Alliances.

Tim has extensive private sector business management experience in both large multi-national and start-up companies. He was President and CEO of OpGen, Inc., an early stage Madison, WI biotechnology company. Prior to joining OpGen, Tim was a management consultant to start-up and high growth technology companies in California, working on business plan development, strategic planning, technology licensing, joint ventures, market analyses and positioning, and product development planning. Before joining the entrepreneurial world, Tim worked at S. C. Johnson & Son, Inc. in Racine, Wisconsin where he held management positions in product development, technology search and acquisition, business development, and strategic marketing. While at S. C. Johnson, Tim built a successful track record creating significant new business by identifying and commercializing new products and technologies. These products have generated multi-billion dollar global revenue streams. He is skilled in all aspects of corporate operations from product development and design to commercialization. Throughout much of his career, Tim has structured and managed strategic alliances with venture-backed companies.

Tim holds M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Organic Chemistry from Northwestern University and a B.A. in Chemistry from Carthage College. He has also attended the Venture Capital Institute.

Tim's responsibilities at CTP include: technology sourcing, evaluation, due diligence, project development, and deployment.

Greg Dombrowski, M.B.A. - Operations Manager

Key Expertise: Finance and Banking, Credit Underwriting, Credit Administration, Business Management, and Accounting.

Greg served as President of the Johnson Bank-Madison since its inception in 1996 until his retirement at the end of 2019. During his tenure, the bank grew at a rapid pace, from a desk in his basement to an organization with over $600 million in outstanding loans and more than $2 billion in investments under management. The Bank and its 140 associates take great pride in serving the businesses and executives in south-central Wisconsin with the same entrepreneurial spirit as their founder, Samuel Johnson.

Before joining Johnson Financial Group, Greg spent 9 years with the Marshall and Ilsley Corporation in the commercial banking division. Prior to joining M&I, he served as Vice President/Controller for First Bank in Davenport, Iowa. Before his career in banking, Greg worked for KPMG Peat Marwick accounting firm, with an emphasis on taxation and bank mergers.

Greg is a certified pubic accountant and holds an MBA from the University of Wisconsin and Bachelor degrees in Accounting and Business Administration from St. Ambrose University. He also has a degree from the Graduate School of Commercial Lending, Norman, Oklahoma.

Greg is currently active as Board Member and Treasurer for PBS Wisconsin and United Way of Dane County, Overture Center, and Agrace Hospice. Past duties include serving as Board Chair for Catholic Charities and Meriter Foundation, and Chair of the 2011 United Way of Dane County annual campaign which raised a record of $16.8 million. Over his career, Greg has served on numerous community organizations in either fundraising or board capacities.

In his free time, Greg enjoys water and snow skiing, running and tinkering with anything mechanical, from home construction projects to car repair.

Greg's responsibilities at CTP include: Accounting Oversight, Investment Administration, and Contracts Management.

Tom Danz, B.S. & M.B.A.-Energy Advisor, Pulp&Paper, C.E.M.

Key Expertise: Pulp and Paper Experience, Operations and Technical Management, Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems, Capital and Mill Operations Budgeting, Paper Machine Rebuilds, Water Management and Fine Paper Converting.

Tom has over 40 years of paper industry experience, having worked with Neenah Paper, Whiting Paper, Gilbert Paper (Mead) and Fox River Paper in locations including Wisconsin, Massachusetts and Ohio. He has served as Environmental Manager, Technical Director, Manufacturing Manager, Mill Manager and CEO at the various companies. He has extensive experience in operations budgeting and management, technical expertise in specialty papermaking, colorant addition, measurement and control, fine paper converting processes, environmental controls for air, water and solid waste and the overall operation of non-integrated paper mills. Tom has been responsible for several stock prep system re-designs, five complete paper machine rebuilds and two converting facility rebuilds, including a greenfield converting and warehousing complex. He has additional technical expertise in stock prep systems, security paper production and the use of high lightfast pigments.

Tom has presented at TAPPI and other professional organizations on such diverse subjects as Alkaline Papermaking Conversions and Wastewater Management Techniques to Fine Paper Converting Processes and Specialty Paper Production for the Coffee Industry.

Tom holds a B.S. degree in Water Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point and an Executive MBA from the University of Michigan. Certified Energy Manager (C.E.M.) is accredited by the American National Standards Institute and the U.S. Department of Energy. He holds a patent on a "Method for Making Paper from Post-Industrial Packaging Material" which allows used burlap bags from the specialty coffee industry to be diverted from the landfill and used to produce fine paper products.

Tom's responsibilities at CTP include serving as a Focus on Energy Advisor, and deployment of cost-effective industrial energy efficiency Best Practices, for the Wisconsin pulp and paper industry. The position coordinates CTP Pulp and Paper Technical Resources, and assists customers with the deployment of new Best Practices and Emerging Technologies. Tom is a member of the Lake States TAPPI Board of Directors and coordinates the annual LS TAPPI Energy Forum.

Jeff Fochs - Energy Specialist, C.E.M.

Key Expertise: Pulp and Paper Industry Experience, Industrial Power Generation, Hydro Plant and Utility Systems, Energy Improvement Project Design, Scoping and Execution.

Jeff has over 35 years of pulp and paper industry experience, the last 14 years as Power & Recovery Superintendent at the Wausau Paper, Mosinee Mill. As superintendent, he was responsible for managing the safe, reliable and efficient operation of four boilers, including one Kraft recovery boiler, two steam turbine generators, hydro-electric plant, re-causticising, and utilities. Jeff has identified, scoped, and implemented scores of energy and cost savings projects. He has conducted trials of innovative boiler fuel sources, and has extensive experience in project management, operator training, and process trouble-shooting.

Jeff holds a Pulp and Paper Industry Certificate from the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point. Certified Energy Manager (C.E.M.) certification is accredited by the American National Standards Institute and the U.S. Department of Energy. Jeff participated in many professional training and energy efficiency seminars.

Jeff's responsibilities at CTP include: deployment of energy efficiency Best Practices, managing financing of Best Practices; along with identification, due diligence, and deployment of industry-specific emerging technologies.

Ken Gilbreath, M.S.--Subject Matter Expert (Pulping)

Key Expertise: Digester, Bleach Plant, Causticising, Power Plant processes and energy conservation. Steam Stripping Columns, Heat Exchanger/Condenser selection and optimization, Waste Heat Recovery and process optimization across integrated Pulp and Paper Mill. Excel energy and water balances, PI ProcessBook development and calculations, Boiler Feedwater heating, Cryogenic Oxygen Plant, Oxygen Activated Sludge Waste Treatment, Process Control.

Ken has worked in the Pulp and Paper Industry for over 45 years in various technical, manufacturing, engineering and consulting positions. The last 16 years have focused on energy conservation and waste heat recovery. He has designed and implemented hundreds of high return energy projects in Pulp and Paper Mills in North America, South America, Europe and Russia. He has presented more than 15 articles and technical presentations at Conferences organized by TAPPI, NCASI, Forest Product Society, DOE, Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay and Water Pollution Control. He received the Chairman and CEO Coin for outstanding service and MacGyver Award for project returns from International Paper.

Ken has a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, AL and a M.S. degree in Engineering from West Virginia University in Morgantown, WV.

Ken's key responsibilities at CTP include identification and deployment of "proven" emerging technologies and identification and deployment of low-cost or no-cost best practices opportunities (low-hanging fruits) during plants walk-throughs based on his "Subject Matter Expertise."

Jeff Goudzwaard, B.S. Metallurgical Eng., B.S.M.E. - Energy Specialist

Key Expertise: Metallurgical Engineering Applications in the Cast Metals Industry and Foundry Processes.

Jeff's experience includes 36 years working within the cast metals industry. His experience includes foundry processing operations such as melting, heat treatment and welding. During his foundry career he also managed a plant engineering department that installed/modified/designed foundry equipment and facilities. He also managed environmental compliance and is versed in regulatory matters. Jeff has led energy efficiency efforts and acted as an energy manager. Compressed air, lighting, sub metering, equipment utilization and resource allocation were some of the energy efficiency projects undertaken.

Jeff has a B.S. degree in Metallurgical Engineering from Michigan Technological University. He also has a B. S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Marquette University.

Jeff responsibilities at CTP include: Identification, due diligence, and deployment of Emerging Technologies, and he serves as co-chair of the Energy Efficiency Committee within the Wisconsin Cast Metal Association and manages it.

Tim Hasbargen, B.S. - Energy Advisor, C.E.M.

Key Expertise: Pulp and Paper Experience, Hydro and Utility Systems, Industrial Waste Treatment, Process Control, Project Management, Capital and Departmental Budgeting, Energy Management and Energy Reduction, Pump Systems, Paper Converting Coating and Rewinding, and Mining Experience.

Tim has over 27 years of paper industry experience with Expera Specialty (Wausau Paper) Rhinelander Wisconsin Mill, and 9 years of mining industry experience with Eveleth Mines in Eveleth , Minnesota. He has served in the position of Director of Engineering, Maintenance, Utilities and the Environmental Department. He has served as Manager of Engineering and Utilities, Senior Project Engineer, and Electrical and Instrumentation Supervisor. His responsibilities included management of departmental operations budgets, oversight of capital budgets, execution of multiple paper machine rebuilds, boiler control upgrades, stock prep rebuilds, waste treatment upgrades, energy reduction efforts and execution, converting and rewinding upgrades. He brings an overall paper process exposure, and is able to connect utilities and waste treatment into a process evaluation. His electrical and instrumentation background combine with the mechanical aspects of project management blends the two disciplines into complimentary solutions. Tim has worked with all levels within organizations and brings an ability to connect. Tim has overseen professional development and continues to mentor engineering professionals.

Tim has presented energy improvement seminars for TAPPI energy conferences.

Tim holds a B.S. degree in Quality and Productivity Management from Marion University in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin, and A.S. Degrees in Industrial Electronics and Electrical Construction from Dunwoody College of Technology in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Certified Energy Manager (C.E.M.) certification is accredited by the American National Standards Institute and the U.S. Department of Energy.

Tim's responsibilities at CTP include deployment of energy efficiency Best Practices, assisting clients with the implementation of identified Best Practices, and provides Subject Mater Expertise for Pumping Systems, and Energy Project Justification.

Steve Lewallen, B.S. - Energy Advisor, C.E.M.

Key Expertise: Metalcasting Industry, Metalcasting Energy Efficiency Projects (with Reduced Environmental Emissions), Innovative Technology Due Diligence.

Steve has a broad technical background that provides a solid understanding of technologies used in the metals industry. He has over 30 years of experience in forging and metalcasting operations. His former duties early in his career included electrical engineering, energy engineering, environmental engineering, maintenance supervision and project management. His responsibilities grew to be a multi-department leader covering facilities engineering, industrial engineering, information systems and corporate environmental compliance. In addition to his duties with Focus on Energy, Steve is also Executive Director of the Wisconsin Cast Metals Association and is active in the American Foundry Society.

Steve holds a B.S.E.E degree from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Illinois. Certified Energy Manager (C.E.M.) certification is accredited by the American National Standards Institute and the U.S. Department of Energy.

Steve's responsibilities at CTP include assisting Wisconsin metalcasting companies to identify and implement proven energy efficiency technologies that are new to Wisconsin; and providing foundry-specific expertise.

John Neun, P.E. - Subject Matter Expert (Mill Water Systems)

Key Expertise: Paper Machine Evaluation and Optimization, Paper Machine Water Systems. Paper Forming, Paper Pressing, Vacuum Systems, Mechanical Engineering.

Since he began his career in the paper industry in 1979, John has worked in a variety of technical and management roles giving him the opportunity to learn about paper machines. He has made measurements on and evaluated most paper machines in the US and many more around the world in a career with Albany International and Kadant, Inc. For the last ten years, he has concentrated on finding energy saving opportunities in forming and pressing, especially focusing on paper machine water systems. John has published many papers, mostly for Tappi. He has won leadership awards from both Tappi Engineering and Paper and Board Divisions, and is a Tappi Fellow. John is the 2018 TAPPI "Engineering Division Technical Award & Beloit Prize" winner recognizing his paper and tissue work and contributions globally.

John has B.S. and M. Eng. Degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and is a registered Professional Engineer in New York State.

John's key responsibilities at CTP include identification and deployment of "proven" emerging technologies and identification and deployment of low-cost or no-cost best practices opportunities (low-hanging fruits) during plants walk-throughs based on his "Subject Matter Expertise."

Doug Presny, B.S.M.E. - Field Deployment Specialist

Key Expertise: Emerging Technology Due Diligence and Demonstration All Across Energy-Intensive Industries.

Doug has 25 years of experience identifying, developing, and implementing energy efficiency opportunities. His former career duties include serving as a facility energy manager, a utility industrial account manager, an international energy efficiency consultant, and developing market transforming industrial programs for motors, compressed air, fans, pumps and boilers.

Doug holds a B.S.M.E degree from the University of Wisconsin at Platteville. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in Wisconsin.

Doug's key responsibilities at CTP include technology identification, due diligence, and conducting demonstrations of emerging technologies. He identifies and assists company implementation of proven energy efficiency technologies that are new or best practices in Wisconsin; and provides industry-specific technical assistance and "Subject Matter Expertise."

Dick Reese, B.S. - Subject Matter Expert (Paper Machine)

Key Expertise: Paper Manufacture, Paper Machine Energy Evaluations, Papermaking Technology (All Major Grades of Paper).

Dick has worked on paper machines for over 50 years in various technical, manufacturing, engineering, and consulting positions. He has worked for paper companies, suppliers to the paper industry, engineering companies, and as an independent consultant. He is an active member of TAPPI and is a TAPPI Fellow, has been awarded the Manufacturing and Engineering Division Technical Award, and the Gunnar Nicholson Gold Medal Award that is the top technical award in the paper industry.

Dick has specialized in paper machine energy conservation for the past ten years, and was a key developer of TAPPI Technical Information Paper 0404-63, Paper Machine Energy Conservation. He developed paper machine energy scorecards that benchmark energy performance and identify opportunities for reducing energy use. The scorecards are used worldwide and have been translated into Spanish, French, and Chinese languages. He has completed paper machine energy evaluations on over 150 paper machines producing all major grades of paper. He has authored over 30 technical papers and made more than 60 technical presentations at paper industry conferences and seminars.

Dick has a B.S. degree in Paper Technology from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

Dick's key responsibilities at CTP include identification and deployment of "proven" emerging technologies and identification and deployment of low-cost or no-cost best practices opportunities during paper machine walk-throughs based on his "Subject Matter Expertise."

Susan Stansbury, M.S.M. - Converting Industry Specialist

Key Expertise: Converting and related manufacturing, processing, packaging using paper, film, laminates and non-wovens substrates, from strategy through development, efficiency, energy and sustainability.

Susan has over 35 years of industry experience across disciplines including marketing, product development and quality process leadership. After many years with major corporations in the Appleton and Green Bay areas, she spent the last several years as an industry consultant assisting in areas from business opportunity analysis and planning, to execution of marketing elements for specialty converting manufacturers. Along with several clients, she developed the Converters Expo at the Green Bay packers Atrium. After seven years, she sold Expo to a media company and still assists with strategy. Her hands-on experience has ranged from managing product trials to developing business plans. During her corporate management tenure, she often worked with major corporations, including J&J, P& G, and more. She attended "Quality College" while chairing an IP specialty silicone coating division's quality process. Susan is a speaker and author; and she currently is a columnist for Converting Solutions magazine.

Susan has a Master of Science in Management (MSM) Degree with thesis focusing on decision factors.

Susan's responsibilities at CTP include identification, due diligence and deployment of converting industry emerging technologies and deployment of energy efficiency best practices.

Rob Sterling, B.S., B.S.M.E., P.E. - Subject Matter Expert (Industrial Refrigeration)

Key Expertise: Energy Transfer and Conversion, from Industrial Refrigeration to the Chemical Industry, to Waste Heat Power Generation; Designing Amonia and Natural Refrigerant Systems for 15 years; and with Energy Efficiency of Refrigeration Systems a top focus.

Rob's approach integrates the refrigeration system into the operations of a plant, with an eye to energy as a component of overall cost of ownership. What this means is that while typically, a large industrial ammonia system accounts for a significant portion of a processing plant's energy use, minimizing overall energy use involves the entire project team, and analysis of the refrigeration system's portion of the overall energy usage and the effects that resonate from it to other systems is key to achieving this minimization. In many cases, improvements in other portions of a plant's process operations, which the refrigeration system is run inefficiently in order to compensate for, can cause a drastic overall energy reduction when problems are corrected as a result of a broader view of facility energy usage.

In the food processing sector, Rob has helped provide solutions to minimize energy waste in process streams through converting what would be rejected energy to the environment into useful process energy, reducing operational costs and improving system energy performance.

In the waste-heat-to-power sector, Rob has been at the forefront of sustainable design, with roles as a lead design consultant for several companies producing and integrating Organic Rankine Cycle technology all over the world. Especially in this arena, tradeoffs for minimizing overall energy usage while maximizing energy production make the difference between success and failure.

Rob is a licensed professional engineer, having been in responsible charge of scores of projects throughout his career. He is a subject matter expert in industrial energy transfer, and has developed tools and materials for leading industry organizations for use in helping facility owners, engineers, and contractors determine what the balance should be between first costs and the cost of owning industrial refrigeration systems.

He holds a BSME and an MS from the University of Florida in Gainesville, FL, sits on the IIAR Standards Committee, and has presented technical papers and participated as a panelist at that organizations annual conference.

Rob's key responsibilities at CTP include identification and deployment of "proven" emerging technologies and identification and deployment of low-cost or no-cost best practices opportunities during food processing plants walk-throughs based on his "Subject Matter Expertise."

Randy Urness, P.E. - Energy Advisor

Key Expertise: Energy and Process Improvements Analysis & Implementation in Industry, Especially the Plastics and Food Processing Clusters.

Randy has over 20 years of experience in engineering management, project management, and product development. He has worked in a range of fields including plastics injection and blow molding, metal stamping, healthcare devices, food service equipment and HVAC. While working in the commercial kitchen ventilation industry, Randy became involved with the development and implementation of energy efficient ventilation products for the food service industry. This development work led to involvement in creating testing standards with ASHRAE, ASTM, and UL. He currently has seven U.S. patents for products designs ranging from injection molded consumer products to healthcare devices. He has designed numerous products and led many other projects.

In addition to his providing support to the Focus on Energy's Emerging Technology Program, Randy works as an Energy Advisor for Focus on Energy with clients from a broad range of Wisconsin industries. Among his customers are plastic processors, metal stamping & forming, food processors, printers, glass manufacturers, and the fast growing sand mining industry.

Randy holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville and Associate of Applied Science Degrees in Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy from Mid-State Technical College. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in Wisconsin.

Randy's responsibilities at CTP include working as a Focus on Energy Advisor to Large Energy Users in Wisconsin, providing industry specific technical assistance to the Plastics and Food Processing Clusters, and performing research for new energy efficiency technologies for the Plastics and Food Processing Clusters.

Niels Wolter - Subject Matter Energy Expert (Renewable Energy)

Key Expertise: Customer Sited Renewable Energy Technologies, Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems, Feasibility Studies, Economic Analysis, and Grant Program Operations.

Niels has 20 years of experience promoting, developing, and implementing solar customer-sited PV projects.?His career duties include: helping develop and implement PV projects for governmental, religious and commercial clients; managing the Focus on Energy's PV Program and Renewable Energy Grant Program; co-leading Wisconsin's SunShot efforts to reduce market barriers; and leading Wisconsin's early solar market development efforts, including Solar Use Network (WisconSUN) and the US DOE Million Solar Roofs program.

Niels holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in Geology and Geophysics from the University of Michigan and Louisiana State University, and an M.S. in Land Resources, with a certificate in Energy Analysis and Policy, from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Niels has been a long-term board member of both the Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA) and RENEW Wisconsin. He also serves on advisory boards for Madison College, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, We Energy's former Renewable Development Program, and the Dane County Office of Energy and Climate Change.

Niels' key responsibilities at CTP include Emerging Renewable Energy Technologies (customer-sited PV, wind, hydro, biomass, biogas, and solar thermal) identification, due diligence, demonstration, deployment, and transition into future Best Practices Technologies.