Proven, Market-ready Technologies

We invest in proven, implementation-ready technology that can save energy in Wisconsin. We'll finance the commercialization process, help identify markets within Wisconsin's broad industry base and provide ongoing assistance.

Expertise + Flexibility = Success

We know energy consumption and we know the key Wisconsin end-user industries - pulp & paper, metal-casting, plastics and food processing - that would benefit most from increased energy efficiency. We also know that these key industry end-users often identify energy savings opportunities but lack the financing, industry knowledge or both, to capitalize on them. More than that, we know that bringing useful technology to market via conventional means - even when it's proven - isn't always feasible. But our expertise, due diligence process and creative, flexible approach virtually negate most risk, simultaneously seeding markets and opportunities that might not otherwise exist.


CleanTech Partners, Inc. Yes, partners. Partnerships are pivotal in building your success and ours. To that end, we are a non-profit organization providing expertise and assistance that builds trust and fosters success. Unlike many conventional financing relationships, we do not strive to dictate management practices or oversee your operations, but to partner with key industry end-users and technology developers in a manner that promotes collective best outcomes.


CleanTech Partners, Inc. is recognized nationwide as the knowledge-based resource for accelerating the commercialization of energy-saving technologies for energy efficiency. Our processes are proven, our expertise unparalleled.

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Latest Developments

Energy Awards

Some of the most exciting recent news in Wisconsin's energy efficiency efforts is the December 2009 award of more than $14.5 million to assist nine companies complete energy efficiency projects. The initiative further aids in the creation or retention of more than 400 jobs.